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Why THIS Guy?

Phate + Edit filming is a one girl band and my aim is only to capture your day in the most authentic of ways, with a focus on connections, belly laughs, wicked dancing, tears an’ all.

Phate + Edit's style is not polished, refined, smooth & structured (God, I’ve never been that in my life!) It may very well not be for you and that’s ok.

I’m not looking for the staged poses, nor am I interested in swiping you away from your guests, champagne-less for hours. I want to capture you, with your guests.

Not so traditional in it's style, you should expect a video that isn't so much elegant & refined, but is way more relaxed and authentic. With an edge. 


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I'm a chocolate fountain.

A very experienced chap once said that a wedding videographer is a chocolate fountain. The decision to hire one often comes at the end. Budget permitting, it's often a toss up between us and the chocolate fountain - I absolutely get it! 


FYI and as if you didn’t already know.. that chocolate fountain ain’t going to be lasting forever, probably not even into the evening..


Traditionally, it's been all about the stills HOWEVER, I often hear how not getting a videography was a the biggest regret for many couples.

In addition to a photographer, a videographer can capture your day from a very different angle, in a different style for you to relive time & time again. 

Your wedding film is what’s going to stick around forever. Where you’ll get to watch the most important people in your life together in one place, in action - watch them laugh, cry, dance, sing & generally having a bloody ball.